G-4 blade

Presenting the G-4 Blade featuring FUSE Technology: Unleash your potential on the field with this blade designed to amplify the skills of versatile players. FUSE (Fast, Ultra-Precise, Sensitive, and Efficient) Technology equips you with exceptional speed, precise accuracy, heightened sensitivity, and unmatched efficiency, guaranteeing unrivaled performance and mastery in the world of floorball.


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Introducing the G-4 Blade with FUSE Technology: Elevate your game to extraordinary heights with this cutting-edge blade tailored for players who seek to harness their full spectrum of talents on the court. The innovative FUSE (Fast, Ultra-Precise, Sensitive, and Efficient) Technology serves as your ultimate toolkit, endowing you with remarkable speed for swift maneuvers, pinpoint accuracy to hit your marks precisely, heightened sensitivity to feel every nuance of the game, and optimal efficiency that maximizes your energy and impact.

Empower yourself with a newfound level of performance and dominance in the realm of floorball. The G-4 Blade's fusion of advanced engineering and exceptional craftsmanship provides you with the tools needed to unleash your potential and redefine what's achievable on the field. Whether you're controlling the ball, executing precision shots, or orchestrating plays, the G-4 Blade with FUSE Technology is your key to unlocking unparalleled mastery and prowess in the dynamic sport of floorball.