G-4 blade white

Introducing the G-4 Blade with FUSE Technology: Ignite your game with this blade crafted for players who embrace their full range of abilities on the field. The FUSE (Fast, Ultra-Precise, Sensitive, and Efficient) Technology empowers you with remarkable speed, pinpoint accuracy, heightened sensitivity, and optimal efficiency, ensuring unparalleled performance and dominance in floorball.

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G-4 blade white

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Introducing the G-4 Blade with FUSE Technology: Unleash Your Full Potential

The G-4 Blade is designed for players who thrive on showcasing their complete skill set on the field. With the FUSE (Fast, Ultra-Precise, Sensitive, and Efficient) Technology, this blade delivers exceptional speed, precise control, heightened sensitivity, and maximum efficiency on the floor.

Experience the ultimate performance as you navigate the game with unmatched speed, accuracy, and responsiveness. The G-4 Blade with FUSE Technology is your key to unlocking your full potential and dominating the competition on the floorball court.

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Category: G-4 blade
Season: 2023-24
Hardness: MD - mid