Experience the thrill of precision and control with our top-quality floorball ball. Designed for optimal performance, our floorball balls provide responsiveness, and durability on the playing surface. Whether you're training or competing, our floorball balls are the perfect choice for enhancing your game. Balls are used as official competition balls for bouth Czech and Slovakia highest leagues.


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Embark on a journey of precision and masterful control with our premium-grade floorball balls. Crafted to deliver peak performance, our floorball balls ensure remarkable responsiveness and unwavering durability on the arena. Whether you're honing your skills during practice or engaging in fierce competition, our top-tier floorball balls are meticulously engineered to elevate your gameplay. Proudly designated as the official competition balls for the prestigious leagues of both Czech Republic and Slovakia, our floorball balls stand as a testament to uncompromised excellence, empowering you to embrace the ultimate sporting experience with every pass, shot, and play.