Introducing the BALL OFFICIAL, a certified floorball ball inspired by the aerodynamics of golf balls with dimples, providing increased distance and reduced surface friction. It features internal reinforcement for enhanced durability and has obtained certification from the International Floorball Federation (IFF).

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Product detailed description

Introducing the BALL OFFICIAL, a certified floorball ball designed with inspiration from the classic golf ball and its dimples. These dimples play a significant role in the ball's aerodynamics, as studies conducted on golf balls have shown that a dimpled ball can travel up to twice the distance of a smooth ball (some sources even claim a 37% greater distance). The dimples also reduce surface friction, enhancing the ball's performance.

The BALL OFFICIAL features internal reinforcement with a special rib structure that increases its durability, particularly in the areas around the holes, ensuring a longer lifespan. This floorball ball is designed in accordance with the official rules and regulations and has obtained certification from the International Floorball Federation (IFF).

Since 2022, the BALL OFFICIAL has become the official ball for top-level competitions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, meeting the standards of excellence required for professional floorball tournaments.