SPIKE 32 red

Introducing the SPIKE 32, a composite shaft floorball stick designed with young players in mind. With its flex rating of 32, it offers the ideal amount of flexibility for kids to develop their skills and master the game. Paired with the reliable G-2 blade, this stick provides excellent control and accuracy, making it the perfect choice for schools and youth floorball programs. Give young athletes the SPIKE 32 and watch them excel on the court as they embark on their floorball journey.

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SPIKE 32 red

Product detailed description

Presenting the SPIKE 32, a composite shaft floorball stick expertly crafted for budding players. Engineered with a flex rating of 32, it offers optimal flexibility, enabling young athletes to refine their techniques and dominate the game. Teamed with the dependable G-2 blade, this stick ensures remarkable control and precision, rendering it an ideal selection for educational institutions and youth floorball initiatives. Empower aspiring athletes with the SPIKE 32 and witness their remarkable progress on the court as they embark on their exciting floorball expedition.

Additional parameters

Category: Sticks
Shaft shape: Round
Blade: G-2
Stick line: SPIKE
IFF certification: Yes
Grip: Z-80
Season: 2023-24
Flex: 32
Technologie: TDU