RAM 35 white-mint

The RAM 35 Floorball Stick is a high-performance choice for kids and youth, featuring a flex 35 for optimal power and control. With its captivating white and mint design, along with the innovative CFL (CARBONFLEX Technology) and reliable grip, this stick is designed to elevate the skills of young players and help them unleash their full potential on the floorball court.

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RAM 35 white-mint

Product detailed description

Introducing the RAM 35 Floorball Stick - a top choice for young floorball players aiming for outstanding performance. Designed with a flex 35, this stick is perfectly suited for kids and youth, providing them with the ideal combination of power and control. The sleek and dynamic design showcases a captivating blend of white and mint colors, giving the stick a fresh and modern look.

Equipped with the innovative CFL (CARBONFLEX Technology), the RAM 35 Stick offers the ultimate performance-enhancing features. The 30% carbon shaft ensures optimal rigidity and responsiveness, allowing young players to execute precise shots and passes with ease. The black grip provides excellent traction, ensuring a secure hold even during intense gameplay. Whether you're a budding young talent or a dedicated youth player, the RAM 35 Floorball Stick is designed to elevate your skills and help you reach your full potential on the court.

Additional parameters

Category: Sticks
Shaft shape: Round
Blade: G-2
Stick line: RAM
IFF certification: Yes
Grip: Z-380
Season: 2023-24
Technology: CFL
Carbon: 60%