G-3 blade black

Introducing the G-3 Blade with SPS Technology: Boost your game with blade crafted for players who wants use their full range of skills on the ground. The SPS (Strenght pass and Shot) Technology is ideal for player makers who enjoy to shoot. slightly different ribs, strong frame and special matherial ma-kes the blade reliable parner.

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G-3 blade black

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Introducing the G-3 Blade featuring SPS Technology: Elevate your performance with a blade designed for players looking to showcase their full repertoire of skills on the pitch. The SPS (Strength Pass and Shot) Innovation is perfect for those playmakers who revel in the art of shooting. With its distinct rib design, robust construction, and exceptional material composition, this blade becomes a trustworthy companion. It is an excellent choice for imaginative playmakers who crave an unparalleled shooting encounter. This remarkable product is crafted to deliver an unmatched synergy on the field, making it an essential addition for players in pursuit of an elevated shooting experience.

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Category: Blades
Season: 2023-24
Hardness: MD - mid