Introducing the FREEZ FLOORBALL GOAL BUSTER - a textile training aid designed for goalkeepers.

This goalie accessory serves as a valuable training aid, attaching securely to the goal using straps with a dry zipper system. The straps are of ample length (15 cm) for convenient fastening.

Crafted from highly durable and colorstable 100% polyester material, this accessory ensures lasting use. Please note that the price includes the textile accessory only, and the goal itself is sold separately.

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Product detailed description

Presenting the FREEZ FLOORBALL GOAL BUSTER - an innovative textile training barrier for goalkeepers.

This goalie training aid offers effective practice sessions, easily attaching to the goal with its dry zipper strap system. The 15 cm straps ensure secure and comfortable fastening.

Constructed from robust 100% polyester material, this accessory guarantees long-lasting use and color stability. Please be aware that the price covers the textile barrier only; the goal is available for separate purchase.

Additional parameters

Category: Team training
Season: 2023-24
Material: Polyester