BOTTLE 1 L granite

Bottle 1L: Your Ideal Water Bottle

• 1-liter capacity
• Wide top for easy filling and cleaning, with a threaded lid
• Lid includes a silicone seal
• Sliding top for spill prevention
• Durable, shape-stable plastic
• Certified for food safety
• Made in the EU, free from harmful substances
• Suitable for all beverages, including carbonated ones, and can handle temperatures from -20°C to +60°C
• Provides a secure seal
• Easy maintenance, dishwasher-safe
• Option to order spare parts like separate lids, caps, and seals (found inside the bottle lid)

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BOTTLE 1 L granite

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Introducing the Bottle 1L: Your Ultimate Water Bottle

The Bottle 1L is the perfect water container for your hydration needs. With a generous 1-liter capacity, a wide-mouth design for easy filling and cleaning, and a threaded lid with a silicone seal, it offers convenience and leak protection. Its sliding top comes equipped with a twist-lock feature to prevent spills, while the durable plastic material ensures the bottle maintains its shape over time.

Certified for food safety, this EU-made product is free from heavy metals, phthalates, plasticizers, and bisphenol A. It's versatile, suitable for all types of beverages, including carbonated ones, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C. The Bottle 1L seals securely, is dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance, and offers the option to order spare parts such as separate lids, caps, and seals, all conveniently located within the bottle lid.


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